Shoe Polish

Unbalanced line length exercise

I’m a little girl again
shining my dad’s shoes
Scrubbing off the old scuff marks
moving back & forth
Dark & shiny bright and smooth
in a small round tin
Now days we throw old away
New is not always better
Don’t waste in haste

5min-Shoe Polish

Shoe polish like dark shiny healthy hair. Not like charcoal, more with brown undertones. In a small round tin. With a red rag for buffing. Silently scrubbing to get out the scuff marks. Not to gently, & definitely fast! The light chemical smell tickles my nose, but quickly reminds me of the new shoes’ fresh leather smell. Back & forth back & forth steadily. I’m a little girl again, my dad teaching me how to shine shoes. Now days we just throw old shoes away when they look worn & buy new ones. I’d say it was wasteful, but we always donate them. Sad though isn’t it? How we are so fast to give up on things & look for the next better object. Shows what society has taught us. New isn’t always better.

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