7/29 Object Writing


I didn’t post all of my writings from this week. One in particular hit a little too close to home. Today’s writing was not great, but I think it makes a valid point.

The microscope of the world is everyone’s watching eye. Social media is the culprit. With everyone prying into your life, & the more you put out there the more judged you are, the more people want to know. It’s not just some tan & black mechanical object you use in biology class to look at the golgi body inside the cell membrane. Not something nuclear physicists use to break down an atom. But the stench of hatred of others towards one another. Everyone is under scrutiny all the time. It has to stop! Where is the love? Why must people judge? Hearing rumors spread about you, people don’t even bother doing it behind your back anymore, they will do it straight to your face. Reading the gossip is almost worse than hearing it. When you hear it you remember it, but once it is posted it remains there for all to see for eternity. God watches from the clouds, to his enormous eyes we are tiny! We are once again, objects under a microscope. Only his eye is not judgmental, his eye is not harsh. He looks down with love for all. He knows every struggle so he shows mercy. The computer & other modern technology is the microscope watching humans. We are minuscule under its lens. We must find the strength to ignore the hate, we must learn to love within. Stop the hate, love¬†humanity

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