Hello, my name is Kimily & I love to write! I am a music enthusiast & I am working on founding my own nonprofit organization right now called The Heart-BEAT! Go check it out at the link below 🙂 Other passions of mine include traveling abroad & vegging out in my hammock. I love being outdoors! Visit my contact page so you can get in touch with me! The Heart-BEAT also has one if you have any inquiries about that 🙂 But I look forward to becoming more active on my page in the near future & hopefully I’ll hear from some of y’all. FYI, I don’t mind constructive criticism on any of my posts, however, please try to be cordial about the way you come across with your input. Please promote positivity in all that you do! We all need to help each other out in this world & I don’t mind advice if you think you can help me improve on something, in fact I welcome it, just please don’t be outright rude! That is all I ask. Thank you! ~Kimily ❤

The Heart-BEAT ❤

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