7/26 Object Writing

I decided not to post my 5min OW on “Hotel” yesterday, because it was weak! But here is today’s mediocre 10min-Mud

Mud. Auf Deutsch heißt das Schlamm. Mississippi mud, the alliteration that spouts from the mouth of the river. Turning the Gulf water from crystal blue to dirty brown. After Katrina, everything covered in muck, the smell reeked for months! There is no way to describe that smell other than you had to experience it to know it, but if you ever did inhale those fumes, you will recall it at the drop of a hat. Mud puddles, dry dirt mixed with rain. Young children in red galoshes & yellow raincoats with hoods, under their see-through plastic umbrellas splashing about in the miniature shallow ponds without fish. Dirty mud pits for wrestling at camp, mixed with red clay. It gets in your eye & hurts so bad you think it might burn straight out of your head. The taste of the mud in your mouth, like the stench of the Katrina muck dug up from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, unable to recognize without having tasted it yourself. Mud baths for elephants to keep themselves cool. They roll around and slinging it about with their trunks, fanning themselves by flapping their giant ears.

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