8/2 Object Writing

10min-Robin (not very good)

The robin tweets in the soft morning sun. As the light grows outside & the world awakens. Three pale turquoise robin eggs. A tiny bird with a fat, round, protruding chest. The reddish-orange tuft of feathers on the belly a stark contrast to the baby blue egg it came from. The mama bird feeds her young with a worm from far away. She flies back to the nest to protect her young & them. Their ity-bity, squawking beaks turned to the sky in anticipation for what is to come. Will it be a crunchy insect, or some seed from the nearest bird feeder, or will they get lucky with a nice juicy worm? Batman & Robin, his second-hand man. I don’t know much about comics, except that DC & Marvel are not the same thing & Robin comes from DC. His uniform match the colors of the bird with his red top & tan cape. We sing of Batman & Robin in childhood versions of classic Christmas carols. But back to the birds as the mother gentle settles herself back over her squad for the coming night chill.

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