8/3 Object Writing

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to post this one or not, it’s not good writing or anything, just a trip down memory lane, sort of like my post on shoe polish yesterday. 10min-Wicker Chair

White wicker chair, tiny and small. Made for a child. With a matching couch covered in colorful pillows. A stuffed bunny on top, a friend for the young child to cuddle. So tightly woven and covered in paint. The arm rests and top twisted. the legs square. Smells of fresh wood shavings with a slight tinge of the paint. So light an adult could pick it up and toss it around, but to the child, strong and sturdy. A brown wicker chair that rocks to & fro. As the wind blows on the porch. A little old lady sits grumbling through pursed lips. It makes no sense to her what the world is coming to. Still she sits on her handmade wooden chair, while up in the air rockets & people in outer space. What will happen in the future she doesn’t want to find out. Already too much has changed in her lifetime. When she was a child there was no air conditioning & no colored TVs. No such thing as a cell phone or internet, much less, internet on a cell phone. And I’m brought back to the girl that was little ole’ me. Even me as a child mere decades ago also without some of these things. I was the last generation to call my friends without caller ID or ride my bike to their house to see if they were home. As a little girl in that wicker chair, how could I have known. Seems things change even faster now than they used to. What will the world be like when I am the old lady looking back on all the change in the world that has occurred during my lifetime.

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