7/19 Object Writing

10min-Lightning (struggled a bit with this one)

Lightning strikes across the night sky. The pitch black birds fly frantically by. They crow they squawk they warn of what’s to come. The smell of moist grass in the air. The humidity dampens my skin. The windows fog as the storm rolls in. Hot on the outside, cold indoors. Safer inside than to be outdoors. Tall trees attract the lightning, stripes of fire from above. Mighty Zeus wielding his scepter in the heavens. Punishing the land, yet blessing it too, with drops of molecules to soften the green foliage. Dirt turned to mud. Worms creep out of the earth. Lighting strikes sand, creating glass. Lightning strikes water, electrocuting. Lightning strikes wood, burning it to char. Lightning strikes an ocean, Poseidon strikes back. Waves crashing and rolling at the thunder’s crack. Illuminating the dark sky, whether night or during day.

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