7/20 Object Writing

10min-Stove (struggled a little less with this one surprisingly)

On the stove top we’re making fudge. Bring the milk, butter, & sugar to a boil. When the candy thermometer says stop we slowly mix in the marshmallow fluff and chocolate. Stir stir stir till our arms fall off. The smell so sweet, but not like vanilla at all. Not even like cake. Touch the warm fudge, and mould it like clay. Toss in pecans or leave it plain to stay. Rich brown in hue & it tastes good too! The stove made for macaroni and ramen. Every college kids life in a nutshell. If you don’t have a favorite flavor of ramen, you don’t know the struggle! Kraft, in the shapes is best! Consuming miniature animated characters just tastes better than moon shaped noodles covered in orange powdered cheese. Zig zagged noodles for ramen, with tiny packets of flavor sprinkled in. A step above Cup Noodles, which taste like styrofoam. Stove top also simmering mom’s special chili all day long. In a large pot of lumpy goodness, adding red beans is best. Steam on the glass top of the pot roasting the chili. Smell of taco spices in the air. Soon there will be plenty to share. Stoves are great for arm workouts, you pretty well have to stir everything cooked on a stove. Keep it from sticking to the pot or pan. Scrambled eggs made by a chefs hand, throwing in vegetables & cheese for the best product.

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