7/18 Object Writing


Smoke from the fire in the middle of the woods. Burning colored leaves. Turning them to gray ash. The smell tickles my nose. It’s different from the smell of most fires, no false starters. The light burning bright. The flames stripping the leaves of their pigment, taking on the bright red, orange & yellow for themselves. No roasting marshmallows over this fire, there’s too much smoke! The crackling popping noise of the little flares as they escape from the main flame untamed. Heating up my skin, swaying in the wind.

2 thoughts on “7/18 Object Writing

  1. Narada Jenkins says:

    I’m completely captivated bye this one. Your quick response to the time constraint shows that you have skills in writing. I only look toward future task and what they my unfolded. I’am now I’m awaiting a powerful song or poem that will elevate my beliefs in you. Keep expressing your true self and the world will continue to see how exceptional you are.

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