UNbalanced Sections

This weeks UNbalanced exercises

I try to sleep,
but my eyes continue to blink
I think of you,
& why you didn’t love me too
But my cat slumbers soundly

I dreamed of snowboarding last night,
Everything was fine and great,
and then I woke up

I hope you heal up soon,
I hear people say,
I’m sorry that happened to you

I’ve got to admit,
I’m being a typical girl
I say I can’t be friends,
It’s too hard, & hurts so bad,
But I secretly want him to fight back

As I sit in my backyard
basking in the warm sun
I watch the sky turn to night
the wind blowing in from the west
Little cracks of light shine through
As if the sky is an egg shell
through which an alien is punching a hole
The Leo in the sky roars
heralding the mighty upcoming production

Elephants, large, majestic, strong
Milling about with trunks so long
Tusks of white ivory
& gray wrinkled skin
never to perform at the circus again

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