7/15 Object Writing

10 min-Clap (I didn’t like this one)

Clap goes the thunder in the distance. The clouds slowly rolling in as though watching the bottom of waves from underneath the water. The loud clap makes the silence in between that much more powerful. The suspense between the flickers of lightening and how long it will take to hear the thunder. Judging how close the lightening struck by how long of a pause between the two. Golf claps on the contrary, very quiet. Pleasant displays of appreciation for sportsmanship. Louder is the clapping at a concert, between songs, louder still at the end of the show prodding an encore. Whistles and yells dispersed throughout adding to the racket. Children’s clackers. The 3 plastic hands on the end of a stick that, when waved, make an awkward clapping noise. Clapping at the circus between each act. Barnum’s just retired their elephants. Is it actually “thunder” that claps, or is it really the lightening making the noise, & we just refer to the noise as thunder. I don’t believe they are separate entities. I believe the thunder is just the resulting sound of where the lightening hits, which is why the delayed effect is based on the distance of lightening from where you are. The time between is proportionate to the distance

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