8/15-8/19 Object Writings

Cold, hard, sturdy. Perfectly balanced as if by magic. Symmetrical like simple bust or asymmetrical like a horse on reared up on it’s two  hind legs, or two football players in motion, one kicking, the other going in for the tackle. Many colors, but typically metal. I prefer the brushed nickel color. Casting shadows for pigeons in the sun, while standing unflinching in the pouring summer rain. Surviving floods & hurricane force winds. Preserving history in 3-D form.

A tiny fish with a fat belly that seems to always be pregnant and spitting out infinite babies! An anxious little fish always swimming about. Light in color, somewhat see-through with a silver shimmer to it. Male guppies are the show stoppers. With their colorful fanned out tails & prominent dorsal fins. No wonder they keep all the ladies knocked up. Only joking. Unlike most sea creatures, they don’t have a very distinct smell, probably because they are so small, their odor is simply not as noticeable. However, forget to clean their bowl for a while & that smell becomes foul! Some people put plants in their bowl of water as their excrements will act as a fertilizer. Colorful clear marble rocks found at the bottom of the bowl, pearlized on the outside, like the fish’s glimmering scales. Odd to touch all slimy but also rough like a cats tongue. Better not to touch them with your hands! Using a small green net to catch them and place them in another bowl while you clean their current one. A couple of drops to sterilize the water for them. Only sprinkling a few tiny brown pebbles atop the water at a time for them to eat. I have a friends with a miniature black yorkie that happens to be named guppy. As the couple both wears predominantly black clothing she often gets lost in their laundry piles. Too cute. Soft and cuddly, always licking your face with love, lots of tail wagging. Soft little weak barks she cries out for attention, while the guppy fish remains a silent pet, making no noise for it’s owner

Old fashioned pulley, made of wood. Strung with thick ropes controlling the curtain from backstage. The carpeted theater with red velvet chairs covered in dust. Smells like an most things old, a library perhaps. As I stand center stage I can imagine the smell of fresh popcorn popping in a kettle on a wagon with clear windows, smothered in butter and sprinkled with salt. Behind the stage the pulley does all the work. Controlled by a master stage hand. Hanging set backdrops. Raising lowering, opening and closing. The thick braided ropes wrapped around it.

Eraser, a way to take back your mistakes and start over, sometimes I wish there were erasers for life. Typically pink & oblong with pointed edges. Smells lightly of rubber when scrubbed hard enough against a surface. Never as good as new, however, always leaving residue.

10min-Wrist Watch
Wrist watch, round and analog. With roman numerals for numbers, made of cold metal, rose gold, silver, yellow gold, etc. The seconds quietly ticking by with the faintest sound. Steadily, more steady than a heartbeat even. Slowing down your breathing to hear the soft noise. Designer watches with clear wristbands & rhinestones in place of numbers, crystals strewn around the circumference. Attracting & reflecting light from the bedazzled surface. Digital wrist watches for athletes with buttons to set timers or stopwatches that beep. Back lit in cyan when another button is pressed so the time can be revealed in the dark. Black rubber band to attach the watch to the wrist. Divers’ watches with 3 extra little circles. Waterproof to a certain depth, the outer edge clicks when turned like a children’s wind up doll. Time should be managed and schedules are good, however, sometimes you just need to forget about responsibilities for a while, take a break & relax & a watch can help you do that as well, setting aside a certain amount of time to do this. Time is something everyone wishes they had more of! & it is easily wasted

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