Section with assonance rhyme & contrast:

Burning dried up Christmas trees
An annual bonfire by the sea
It happens every New Years Eve
There’s lots of delicious food to eat

We kiss our partner at midnight
As we cuddle up by the toasty fire
As we hang out we laugh some cry
Underneath the starry sky

New Years Eve
Turns New Years Day
A time for new
Old goes away


Hard, smooth briefcase with a small hinged handle. A light yellow-brown color. Smells of fresh leather. With a three digit code to pop the locks on either side. When open, crushed velvet inside. Soft to the touch. With netted straps to hold papers in place. Moving forward in time to a soft briefcase. Still leather, only this one is darker. With a strap to hang over the shoulder. Many pockets, it will stretch out. Filled with his first laptop and charging cable. A flap on one side to cover the pouches. Strolling through the airport, like a true business man. Guiding his family just as fast as he can, with children in tow. Hoping they don’t miss their flight to Disney World.

An odd orangish color, small and cylindrical. With a white safety cap, upon which directions stand in red to show adults the proper way to open it. Writing on the side of the description, doctor, and dosage. Medicine tastes icky when it is a chalky pill

Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, 0 degrees Celsius, and 273.15 degrees Kelvin. Other objects can freeze at different temperatures. So why do we judge the temperature of “freezing” by the simple molecule made up of Hydrogen & Oxygen? To freeze isn’t just to be cold. It is to be stopped in time. When objects are frozen they are preserved for later. Take food for example, when frozen it remains as is until thawed to be consumed at a later date. Many ancient artifacts were discovered by being frozen in time. Freezing halts the aging process and preserves an items currents characteristics. This is why kids play “freeze” tag. Once tagged, the person must remain still where they are unflinching. A camera also freezes time as it captures an moment in one image. The memory preserved in a photograph for all eternity, or until the picture is deleted or destroyed. I lost my favorite childhood portrait in Katrina, but the picture is preserved in my mind until it rots out of my head. Frozen water doesn’t have a distinct smell, it turns a clear substance to a chalky white color. As if a clear glass window is glazed over by morning dew. Like smoke in the clear sky, barely showing what is behind, a hazy image. It tastes like nothing, as it melts to water in your mouth. Refreshing it is, however.

The knee is a mobile joint that takes a pounding as you run. The cartilage thinning over time & the bones grinding together. Athletes know this better than anyone. People like gymnasts who drill their legs into the ground landing each vault or flip. The knee is, however, useful. It allows you to bend your legs. Good for picking up objects, helps your lower back to be able to squat down and pick something up while keeping your back erect. The knee is one of the most complex body parts with all of it’s muscles, ligaments, tendons, & what have you. Easily injured, often bruised and scraped up by little kids (or adults as I can attest to). Little kids cry over their booboos, while the mother acts strong, even though inside she is dying a little bit her heart hurts for her offspring. knee skin is scarred

Shoes, protectors of the feet. The soles of the body. Leading the way. Keeping out gravel & shards of broken glass. Every color of the rainbow! Many smell like fresh leather!

A delicious meal at my memaw’s house. Soft and tender meat that falls apart easily. Drenched in dressing, all thick any juicy. Smells of holidays. Or cooked in soup with vegetables. Roasting marshmallows over the fire. The smell brings me back to childhood weekends at camp. Some like to catch their snow white marshmallows fully on fire and burn the outside to a black crunchy crisp. I just like to warm mine enough to melt in the mouth. Perfect for adhering chocolate to graham crackers. The smell of burning leaves. Roasting my frozen body, thawing it out on a cold New Years Eve, the annual Christmas tree burning on vacant lots after Katrina.

10min-Wedding Ring
A symbol of eternity, no beginning or end. A unifying bond between more than friends. Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum. Some guys like tungsten as it’s strong dark & manly. The ring is a status symbol, worn proudly. Signifying you are taken, and have no interest in pursuing another. When taken off, outside of shower or bedtime, is a possible warning sign of dishonesty. One hides it to get with another, dishonoring the current commitment. Some wear it around their neck on a chain, some wear it on their left finger. Different than a flashy engagement ring, although you typically wear both once married. A gift exchanged at wedding ceremonies, pronouncing one’s true love. Often carried by a small, young ring bearer. Following a tiny girl sprinkling rose petals before the procession of bridesmaids, groomsmen, & bride-wife to be. Hard & cold, til placed on the finger it warms up with body heat. A soft clinking noise it makes when it taps it’s partner due to clasped hands. Smooth and round, it should never touch the ground. Treated with care, like the relationship

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