7/13 Object Writing

10 min – Full Moon

It’s a full moon on Halloween night. Trick-or-Treaters scamper about in the moonlight. To & fro, from door to door they go. Collecting candy & small nicknacks. Covered in sheets with holes cut for eyes. An eye patch under a pirate hat with a hook for a hand. Little girls in wigs & big ball gowns. Princesses twirling in circles round and around. Under the full moon the black cat strolls by. The wolf howling in the distance, but no one hears his cry. The full,¬†yellow moon lights up the night sky. A reflection of the sun on it’s stark, barren surface. Illuminating the dank, dark corners of the corn maze. Hay rides & candied apples, or carmel if you like. Bobbing for apples in metal vats of water like farm animals to win a prize. More children dressed as yellow & orange crayons, like candy corn. Dinosaurs and dragons and one eyed monsters. Zombies, & witches with pointy hats & striped leggings & moles with hair growing out of them.

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