7/12 Object Writing


Swan, beautiful, majestic, loyal for life. With it’s long slender neck, & feathers of innocent white. I have heard that swans find mates for life. I wish people were like this too. But they aren’t and this is true. People will leave you as soon as another shiny object comes along. They will stab you in the back rather than stand by your side. Swans float through the hard times together. In unison they remain. Women have been judged for wearing white wedding dresses, when they have already lost their virtue. But swans don’t have this problem, they can sport snowy feathers as long as they like and it isn’t a lie. Sitting atop the water, wading through life. Vicious they might become to protect their young. While bite you they may, with their spouse they will stay. For eternity. This may sound crazy, and no doubt there are exceptions. But this animal proves that it is possible for any animal, and humans are after all animals right? In the family of mammals.

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