Balanced Writing Exercises

Each day this week we had to do a line balancing exercise. This is what I came up with…



Roses colorful all in a row,
Red, yellow, pink, white,
Even the black one in plain sight
From a bush they grow

Leaves lighting the trees on fire
Bright yellow, orange, red
Swallowing each branch
Burning foliage not dead
Flames of color bursting from the trunk,
But lying on the ground, crunchy, brown

Toasted to perfection,
Buttered & golden brown.
Crust removed,
sitting in a perfect square.
Not too hot,
so I chomp down.
Hints of cinnamon sugar in the air,
Breathing in the sweet aroma

Pulling on my raincoat,
& matching rain hat
Thick, slick, waterproof,
in smooth waves
of purple, green, & tan
Hair pulled back
Slipping my feet
into my rubber galoshes
Preparing to trudge across campus
through a giant shallow lake

Cold, solid, rock of frozen water.
Cut into squares,
with jagged edges on one side.
A plethora of uses,
but I don’t like too many,
Frozen fruit works better.
A glass through which to look,
for a distorted reality.

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