7/8 Object Writing

Last object writing exercise for the week. 10 min on Ice Cube.

Ice cube. Cold, solid, rock. Frozen water. A glass through which to look for a distorted reality. Cut into squares with jagged edges on one side. Running water sloshes into blue trays full of squares, placed in the freezer. Not just water, trays filled with sweet juices, pineapple, etc. Making tiny frozen popsicles. Toothpicks for handles. Melting ice cubes down on your head on a hot summer day. Letting the cool water trickle down the sides of your face. As the sweat is washed down, you can taste the salty mixture. Rubbing another one on the back of your neck & chest. Ice cubes crushed into a smoothie in a blender. Strawberry daiquiris by the pool. Music playing in the background. Ice cubes, good for a bump on the noggin, a muscle injury, or insect sting. But I don’t like too many in my drink oddly enough. Frozen fruit works better for my water.

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