7/6 Object Writing

Once again I had to write on a subject for 10 minutes that I could completely not connect with, peaches!

Peaches are something I do not eat. Squishy & sweet, with a tough round pit. I’m not even sure what bothers me most about them. I think of “sploosh” that Caveman (Stanley Yelnats) & Zero (Hector Zerony) ate in “Holes.” Jars of peach goo. Disgusting. So many other fruits are far superior! Bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, watermelon, even pears. None having that disgusting hard center to be carved out. Only avocados can compare there, but avocados are delicious & even better for you. The peach is a light orange albeit salmony color. Smells like summer, fresh and juicy. Soft & fuzzy on the outside, with a tiny thin green leaf attached to the stem. Peach cobbler isn’t so bad. Chunky yet mushy.

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