7/5 Object Writing


I pull on my raincoat & matching rain hat. Thick, slick. Definitely waterproof! But also holds in heat on this warm southern day. Pouring rain crushes the ground outside turning it into a giant shallow lake. The sounds of not individual droplets hitting a tin roof, rather waves of slanting rain blowing sideways. Hair pulled back, I slip my feet into my rubber galoshes covered in graffiti! I chose them over the plaid ones with red trim lining the laces. I prepare to trudge across campus to my 8am Old Testament class. Carrying with me all I will need for the entire day! After an hour of biblical studies I sneak off to the Music building with soundproof rooms each adorned with a piano. I listen to the sounds of opera vocals and instrumental warmups. Can’t hear the rain so loud in this colossal stone building with the big marble steps leading up to it. The floor slick with water tracked in on peoples shoes as they shake off their umbrellas. My raincoat & hat… purple, an odd green color and tan…. a smooth rounded chevron pattern lain across the wet fabric.

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