“Coffee & Keyboards”

So today my good friend Rachael Lee Clarkson (Stroud) released her new e-book entitled “Coffee & Keyboards.” I have already purchased it & fell instantly in love, as I do with all of her work. You can find more information about her book & how to purchase it on her blog here:


So chapter 2 is titled “Just Start Writing” & she challenges you to begin writing every single day. She listed a few ideas for themes to write about daily & I am choosing to write about number four today.

Rachael herself is a friend who has inspired me in many ways. She taught me what it was like to hang out & have fun with girls after years of having only male friends. She made having girlfriends fun! She did things like throw “Britney Spears” themed parties (although we turned out to look like the Spice Girls haha see photo below-Rachael is far left with her pup as Posh, & I’m far right as Sporty).


She set a great example for what it means to be a “God Chick.” She taught me what a healthy boyfriend/girlfriend relationship or courtship should look like. & now she is inspiring me to write. So we will see how this goes from here… In the mean time, check out her blog or one of her books or her website & let her inspire you!

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