World Adoption Day 11-15-16


Happy #WorldAdoptionDay to anyone who has been blessed by this beautiful gift 😇 #WetHairDontCareClub

World Adoption Day 11-15-16
Adoption brought me family
Without it I’d be alone
Adoption brought me a sister
& together we have grown

It gave me someone to fight with
It gave me someone to love
It gave me someone to confide in
Though she doesn’t always keep her mouth shut

As a child I let her dress me
She’s always had great style
But many times she’d test me
& I’d stay mad a while

She taught me many things
Like how to tell designer from a fake
Yet in many ways we’re different
For example, she does not like cake

We got our puppies together
One Christmas in New York
Another way we’re different
Is I do not eat pork

Adoption made us siblings
Though we are not blood
But we learned to love each other
Until one day we became buds

We lost our home in Katrina
& that brought us close again
Our parents made us sisters
But our love made us friends

She loves to shop indoors
While I love to play outside
As children we fought over chores
As adults we travel worldwide

We’ve travelled the world together
From Costa Rica to Europe
Canada to the Caribbean
& she always did my makeup

The day that she got married
I stood right by her side
I helped her to get ready
She made a beautiful bride

Adoption is a blessing
It is a gift from God
A miracle from up above
& one we should applaud

for my DJ duos out there <3 y'all!!!!! :-*

So as I’m taking a shower tonight, this random (CHEESY) little paragraph rolls through my head & I decided to jot it down, which is basically how all of my writing comes to be. Anyways I wrote this thinking of a specific DJ duo I’m friends with, but I decided it actually works for another duo I know as well. I will not list the artists until they approve lol (PS sorry this is a little more trashy than my usual writing-READ WITH CAUTION)

Two minds came together with one dream.

Got love for that music & they wanna be seen.

Mix those beats ’til it ain’t just sound, got that rhythm make you move around.

They don’t need words for their voices to be heard.

They speak loud & clear way down deep into your ear.

They don’t use a mic, just some melodies & bass,

But the shit that they drop is like cummin’ on your face.

Make you really wanna feel alive, give you eargasms by the count of five.

I love this team you already know, & one day they gone be rollin’ in dough.

Make that bread ’til they don’t need no mo’, but right now they can’t even go to the sto’

I’m about done, it’s time for me to go, but if you like this shit then give my boys a follow.

hahaha ok I’m done now. Thought y’all might enjoy a little more lighthearted/amusing piece by me



I am so tired of living in a perfect world where no one can do anything wrong, but when they do then it’s okay, they are always right. I’m so confused. I don’t know what to believe. I just wish you could see the real me. The me you know is a lie. All you know is a fraction of a façade that is a minute fragment of my consciousness. I have some really dark shadows in the closet of my past. If I honestly & truly believed that you loved me unconditionally maybe I could tell you about a girl I know named Kimily. But your love is based merely on my perfection, & the way I appear or make you appear in society. I would never introduce you to Kimily because I know you don’t want to meet her. I just wish so much that I could tell you about her. You think you know me but you have no idea. You try to tell me who I am but that’s only the idea of me you have in your head that you expect me to be, so I make you believe. Like a child who believes in Santa. I am the adult & I put on the show, just so that you’ll never know. I’m so tired of hiding, tired of all the lies. I just want to show you what is real, I wish you’d just realize. Dance is my form of expression, snowboarding is my freedom. But now I’ve lost both. You have taken all there is of me. I’m just a dry dead corpse. I’m a marionette in your puppet show. You pull the strings & I play along. I am not living anymore. I am just a sack of dry bones stuffed in some skin, what the hell have you done to me, my kin? You told me you only wanted the best for me so why did you strip me so bare? Like our mascots I am an Eagle I should be free to soar, I am a rebel who can’t rebel anymore, I am a panther but you’ll never hear me roar. This is what you made me this is who you wanted me to become. Well you got your wish, I can’t even remember where I’m from. I wish someone would try to revive me. The kiss of life is all I need. Somebody shock my heart, make me able to bleed. Because right now I feel nothing, nothing runs through my veins. I’m just still & barren like the desert plains. I want to gain control, be the pilot of my life. But that sure can’t happen until i’m back alive. Someone wake me up from this coma I’ve been in. Right now I cure the dryness as I drown myself in gin. Shake me to life with a waft of mountain air, that’s the feeling I long for the most & nothing else can compare.