8/22-8/26 Object Writing

Foam light and fluffy. Colors galore. Lots of fun for children in store. A great tub activity, foam soap to play with. Easy way to convince a child to take a bath. Little girls like to make mermaid bikinis with the thicker foam. Lathers easily into soapy suds and rinses away quickly. My mom always buys anti bacterial Dial foam soap. The soft pink peach colored kind. In a slightly triangular bottle. Smells fresh and clean. Childrens bathtub foam often comes in aluminum cans like spray pant or old school gillette shaving cream, but skinnier. The children’s kind smells fruity.

Loud, blaring, deafening noise. Red lights, blue lights flashing in your face. The lights’ intensity equals the sirens volume. Cops are coming, better run & hide. An ambulance is coming better slow down & move to the side. Mythical creatures who lure you in with song. Deadly tantalizing. Beautiful women. Sirens signaling death or trouble. A red fire truck comes flying by, ignoring the traffic light to fight flames burning high. The smell of fire, and leaking gasoline. A mangled mess, and a body yet to be seen. The jaws of life swoop in to cut the man out. As police block the traffic. Lanes of automobiles merge into one, and all crane their neck to get a glimpse of the wreck. “What happened?” they wonder as they drive on by. Was it an accident or on purpose as only one car was involved. Not even raining so how did he swerve off the road? The flashing lights mix colors, the red & the blue. Purple blinking sky above, with a bright new star. Now that the emergency vehicles have arrived on the scene, they silence their sirens. You can hear the trapped man scream. Fighting for life.

Sunlight creeps through the slits in the thick white blinds. It pours into the dining room from the large bay windows. The cat slumbers silently in the warm puddle of yellow. Fresh cookies are baking, it’s three in the afternoon and the children are almost home from school. The smell of rising sugar and burnt up crumbs wafting throughout the house. Sunlight on a hot day outside beaming down on the Earth. Taking no pity on it’s prisoners, laboring away in the fields. Sunlight hidden behind clouds. Peaking through just enough to shed wide bands like flashlight beams down, the hem of God’s garment I call it. The smell of fresh mown grass and summer rain on the ground, only just starting to dry in the sunlight strolling out from behind the clouds. Sunlight smells of childhood memories. These days it always seems to rain. To describe sunlight to a blind person I would say it is warm. Smells like coconuts and suntan lotion, possibly banana scented. But it also smells like the cookies I mentioned fresh baked by mom each afternoon post school, prior to extra curricular activities like dancing and piano. Sunlight warms the cold tile floor in winter. A natural heat, that costs no money, now used to power things-solar power-for cheaper.

Creepy, crawly, slimy creature. Long and thin, slithering about all agile. Silent, quieter than a mouse. Molding to it’s surroundings to overcome every obstacle. Slow but steady, inching forward. Seeing what lies forward and behind.

Contagious. Happy, a smile on everyone’s face. A frown turned upside down. A fantastic ab workout. Laughter makes the world go round. Like music, it is a universal language. Even more so, because every country laughs the same. People, however, don’t. Each laugh as unique as the individual itself. No two alike, even twins it sets apart. Laughter heals the soul. It stitches it back together again. It mends emotional wounds. Laughing a jokes till you roll on the ground in tears. Intimate moments you share with one glance at your best friend. Forced chuckles at you’re bosses lame comments to stay in his good graces. Laughing is healthy! It produces endorphins. The opposite of strife. Bringing people together. Unifying through a common interest. Laughing can be mean though. Laughing at a persons’ insecurities, weakness, or failures will never be okay! Laugh with, not at. Laughing tastes like sunshine & rainbows. It smells of burning leaves, fresh baked cookies. It sounds like a rainstorm with thunder and lightening. Even dogs laugh with their tails. Laughing is for all ages, it keeps you young! It tenses up then relaxes the muscles. Laugh til you cry, until the day that you die. It pays to be happy. You are more content when you can learn to laugh at yourself.

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