7/22 Object Writing

10 min-Sweat

Sweat trickles down my face as I stand in the blazing sunlight. Its rays beaming down on me burning my skin. The sweat runs in little rivers splitting off from one main source on my forehead. Salty rivers like ocean water, not clean spring water that often flows through tributaries. Picking up speed as it goes down, gaining more substance and rolling faster like a snowball. The aqueous like substance reaches my lips and tastes of saline solution. It continues on down, dripping from my chin, watering the earth with salty raindrops. Lightly seeping from the pores on my arms and legs and remaining body, leaving me glistening as if gently misted by oil. Pooling up into a little puddle on the small of my back. Dampening my chest. My ears are hot, singed. It smells of fresh cut grass and barbecue on the next lawn. I hear music blasting from my speakers. A hot summer day

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