Thursday’s Object Writing

Today’s Object Writing. Toast-5min, Leaves-10min, Rice-10min, Work Bench-90sec


Mmmmmm toast! Slathered in butter & sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Toasted to perfection. Golden brown. Still warm. I cut off the crust so it sits in a perfect square. I take a little nibble to test the temperature. Not too hot, so I chomp down on it. Leaving a perfect bite mark in my square. Like a shark might take out of a surfboard. As I continue to eat I breathe in the sweet aroma with hints of cinnamon. I wash it down with a glass of chocolate milk. An odd combination sure, but what else is new. When I’m done I wrap up the crust in my napkin and throw it away.

Leaves, crunchy, brown on the ground. Yet lighting the trees on fire! Bright yellow, orange, red! Flames of color bursting from the trunk. Swallowing each branch. Cool crisp morning air. Breathing out little puffs of smoke with each exhale as you jog down the road. With each step, the pads of your feet colliding with the cold, hard pavement. Making a light clopping noise. Breathing in the smell of burning leaves in the distance. Oddly satisfying. Feeling your heart pounding in your chest, which feels tight and restrictive, limiting your oxygen intake. Relaxing your brain, which takes in your surroundings. Nature, hearing the birds chirp in the trees. Taking a quick break to rest on an available stump. Staring up at at the blue, cloudless sky. Then back at the fire trees. Thinking how trees on the coast are never this color, remaining ever green. Back to reality your mind floats. You stand up to finish your jog home, shower, & head to the tailgate then football game where you forget all about the burning foliage. But yet the memory is all too easy to recover in times of need. Peaceful & serene

Rice, the staple of many cultures’ diet. Tiny grains sown from the earth. Expanding as they absorb water. Hard to soft, soaking up the aqueous solution. They take on flavor quite nicely. But left alone, remain fairly bland. No longer aloud to be thrown at weddings as it serves as a desiccant. Dried out and thin, expanding in the birds’ stomach fluids. However, the desiccant property is useful when technology has gotten wet on accident, as it can absorb the liquid, and restore the object to proper working order. Brown rice, white rice, yellow rice… Like people, it comes in many different packages, yet all still the same, none better than the other. Just different. One typically preferred above the others, ranked in order of favorites. I hate favoritism. In humans it creates feelings of entitlement. This is stupid. Again, all are the same none better than the other, just different. But we are talking about rice, it has no feelings. Put it in different environments & it will acclimate.

Work Bench… Not too familiar with this particular object as I have always worked in an office setting with a nice comfy desk chair. I suppose it supplies rest for those who do manual labor. Physically active all day. Working with their hands. Greasy. Useful.

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Object Writing

  1. namrataspeaks says:

    You are truly talented. Every object described to perfection. Such minute details. In awe of you. 😍

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