B The Difference

B is someone I knew personally, someone who I think about often, someone who gave me a PASSION to do my part to help find a cure for NF! B the Difference!!!!!!

Jayne Bonilla's Blog

B stands for Brandon. B stands for Brave. B stands for Beloved. B stands for Brilliant. For those lucky enough to know Brandon Merritt, B stands for BLESSED!

The 9-year-old Brandon that we first met was a happy-go-lucky kid, full of life and overflowing love. Always eager to take on life at a heightened level, Brandon was a mature, sensitive and wonderful boy. A mensch. He was a diehard sports fanatic, a member of the Red Sox Nation, a Miami Hurricanes Superfan, a Florida Panthers 93’er and Manchester United’s number 1 fan from across the pond. Growing up Brandon could rattle off sports facts and statistics like an encyclopedia. It never occurred to us that Brandon faced daily health challenges. It only occurred to us that beneath Brandon’s passion for sports and love for life, was an old soul that we were grateful to know.

Brandon was immersed in his…

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