2 football games 1 weekend

So this weekend I attended BOTH of my teams’ football games. I normally have to choose one or the other because Oxford & New Orleans are so far apart, but this weekend, since the Ole Miss game was in Baton Rouge I got to go to both games. I won’t go into detail, because once you get me started talking about football, I can’t stop. I am mainly just posting this because I need to get back in the habit of writing again & needed something to post about. Needless to say I was a very frustrated girl who has some serious issues with the calls our QB made on Saturday against LSU, but very pleased with my QB & the way my Saints played on Sunday. Looked like their old selves! So excited to be tied for first in the NFC south after the horrible season we have had so far. PS I think sitting in that Tigers chair was bad luck! 😦

10451329_10203321132370950_7715319746275912032_n 10731059_10203321133410976_7092430650379322329_n

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